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The Arizona tragedy

I was totally saddened by the events that occured in Arizona yesterday morning. This society has gone insane,and I believe that we have gone wrong based on not doing things the old fashioned way. One of the things that I am extremely disturbed by is the way that we handle bullying in our schools and in our world. I know that we are supposed to be all PC in this world but when I was being raised I was always told that a bully was like a balloon, pop them and they go away. The issue of cyber bullying is due to the fact that people let computers babysit their children today instead of the parent monitoring them on a daily basis. It starts at the home, get your house in order and your children in line and I PROMISE you that we will begin to produce respectful, productive and contributing members of our society. My prayers go out to the families that were impacted by the horrible event that took place in Arizona yesterday and I pray that justice will be served swiftly and forcefully.


Where are we headed as a country?

I was listening to the news this morning and it seems as if we are headed into unceratin times as a country. The economy, joblessness, violence, war, disease, drugs rampant on our streets, I know all of these things have been around for as long as the country’s been here but, I just feel uncomfortable about where we are headed as a society.

I’m ready to make an impact!!!

This is my New Year’s resolution…….”Make some useful noise!!!” I will be discussing all types of topics from marriage relations, to sports,politics,entertainment, you name it. I am excited about the limitless topics that we all can kick around, let’s get ready to shake things up people!!!

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